clown movie 2014

A new trailer for an upcoming movie called ‘Clown’ surfaced on the internet (thanks, FHM), and it’s the brainchild of Hostel-guy Eli Roth. The movie revolves around a clown costume that gets possessed by a demonic entity, and all hell breaks loose – excuse the pun. The story sounds very similar to the spine-chilling IT – you remember, it was that movie with the clown that had a taste for the blood of children… yeah, that one. But I guess we’ll have to see when the movie comes out.

This is what we know about the movie judging by the trailer:

Produced by Eli Roth
Clown Suit is possessed.
Guy in Clown Suit gets possessed.
Guy in Clown Suit goes haywire while possessed.
Kid doesn’t look very happy by the possessed Guy in Clown suit.
Guy in possessed Clown suit will dent circus income for the next few months.

The trailer is a mind-fuck of note:


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