What if it did happen, how would they cope with their changed looks or lack thereof? Would Justin Bieber still have that many screaming pre-teens at his command or would Charlie Sheen still have woman undressing at will for him? Maybe, maybe not. Presumably they will get more fans because stardom and fame are two things that you can’t escape. Here are a few celebrity monsters that you WILL FIND FUNNY.

The Biebertaur – This creature has everything that will get the girls dripping, with drool. He still has his famous Bieb fringe and the upper body of a boy, but deep beneath the flesh the voice of a rat still awaits his prey.

The Sheenix – A being that there can only be one of and that rises out of the ash time and time again. Keep your eyes peeled for a comeback from the Sheenix in the future for he has yet to rise up from his latest ash heap #winning

The Perezasus – The flying horse that shits on you if you’re not on his level or fame. Beware!

The Kardashydra – It can not function alone, it needs its 3 heads to form one brain, and some say we haven’t seen the true power of the reality show…..

The Gagusa – Finally we get the fiend that is named the Gagusa, legend has it that if you look into her empty music soul you will turn to stone. Also remember that she will use anything to manipulate her appearance to make her more appealing.

With this valuable information you can go forth and slay these beasts with your knowledge…..or just stay away. You have been warned!!