Today sees the official release of Cassadora’s debut EP, entitled Achilles Heel. The EP comes after the release of their debut single, How Many Days in June 2017.

Achilles Heel is a compilation of songs that were written over the past two years. Some were written long ago, and others are still just a few months old. The EP was recorded over the course of three days at Open Room Studios in Greenside and produced and recorded by award-winning South African producer and sound engineer, Greg Carlin.

“We really wanted to showcase the vocal and lyrical content that I’ve been cooking up for some time. We also knew that the type of music we are making isn’t a genre-generic style. It’s a bit of a fusion, which was tricky to work with at first but soon became the inspiration as we went along,” says front woman Natalie Poppy.

The dreamy vocal melodies and heartfelt lyrics heard on the EP are the result of growing up listening to a variety of female led music acts which were a major influence for Cassadora’s sound. Inspired by artists such as Florence Welch, Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow, the weakness of an ‘achilles heel’ is essentially the metaphor which ties into every track on the EP.

“The process of writing this EP was definitely amplified by the creative relationship with our producer Greg. When you have a creative connection and you can understand each other on that level, it’s magical. Personally, I’m self-taught in every aspect of my musical pursuits, which means that I sometimes struggle to communicate my ideas as I don’t know terminology or best practices. I just have my own way of doing things and it can be just as limiting as it is liberating. Luckily, Greg totally understands me and doesn’t need me to explain my ideas; he’ll be onto my train of thought with ease.”

Fans can look forward to an exciting and addictive, yet sincere and open debut offering from Cassadora in Achilles Heel.

You can check out the EP right here

We also had a quick chat with Cassadora:

Hi there. Thanks for chatting to us. We dig the new single! How has the response been on the release?

Hey, thanks so much 🙂 The response to the single has been overwhelming! People seem to love it and we’ve had a really positive reaction from fans, friends, and family.

How was it working with Greg Carlin and Darryl Torr in studio?

Working with Greg and Darryl has been a pleasure. They both have vast experience in the industry, each with undeniable musical talent as well. Openroom is a phenomenal recording studio, among the best in the country. When Darryl contacted me I knew immediately that this would be a winning relationship.

Awesome! If you could describe your upcoming EP in one sentence, what would it be?

It’s one helluva EP.

Haha. Your first music video is being released soon. What can people expect from it?

The music video for “How Many Days” was shot in my very own house – there’s a little bit of spicy trivia for you. It also may include a controversial bath scene…

LOL, we can’t wait for it. What makes you excited about being a musician in South Africa?

It’s really exciting to be part of an industry where it’s normal that the pursuit of success is a major hustle. It’s not a “9-5 grab your paycheck on the 25th” kinda vibe – this industry is a bit more complicated than that. It’s also exciting to be part of the generation of musicians who have to deal with ever decreasing audience attention spans. You’ll play a gig and know that not only are you competing for a headline slot, but you’re competing against iPhone push notifications while your audience can easily be distracted by a tweet.

Last question, how can people get hold of you?

If you’re reading this interview, send us a message on social media and let us know what you think of the music 🙂