Carmen has been off our radar for some time now, we’re not sure what happened to her? Did she try to squeeze herself into another spoof movie due to release in all good DVD stores?

Carmen was once the ultimate fantasy for every guy out there, the holy grail of babes – so this shoot for Galore magazine may bring back a little thing called nostalgia.

Carmen is a veteran babe, and she still has that touch to make men drool:

Carmen-Electra-Super-Hot-in-Galore-Magazine-Summer-2014-06-cr1404314763941-580x435 Carmen-Electra-Super-Hot-in-Galore-Magazine-Summer-2014-01-cr1404314762783-435x580 Carmen-Electra-Super-Hot-in-Galore-Magazine-Summer-2014-02-cr1404314763140-435x580 Carmen-Electra-Super-Hot-in-Galore-Magazine-Summer-2014-03-cr1404314763463-435x580 Carmen-Electra-Super-Hot-in-Galore-Magazine-Summer-2014-04-cr1404314786245-435x580 Carmen-Electra-Super-Hot-in-Galore-Magazine-Summer-2014-05-cr1404314783681-435x580