‘Sup Pretoria! Capital Craft is hosting a Christmas party, but to make it more Radical and Gnarly, they have made it an 80’s dress up party!

There will be a Shiz Nits playlist dedicated to the 80’s with decor to match the 80’s feel! Sommer French kissing (lekker) and as always, their moerse friendly staff, who will serve you in Righteous fashion on the night!

Let’s get to the Bodacious part for the party, you Craft Beer Lovers!

The drink specials only apply to the people that have dressed up for the occasion. Take a chill pill and dress up to this Tubular party!

R20 – 500ml Redrock Brewing Company Rusty Trigger Lager
R15 – Jagermeister and Tequila


And there will be a photo booth to capture this radical night. Dress up, have a few drinks and enjoy this night with us. Don’t be zeek!

For more information, check out the uber event on Facebook.