You know the “Xbox One” reveal was disappointing, when the highlight of the show, was an even more disappointing Call of Duty Trailer.

Call of Duty Ghosts: preview - video

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m a dedicated Call of Duty fan and all that jazz. But if you’re one of the biggest video game franchises in the world, and you’re revealing a new game, don’t make the fact that you’ve added a dog, one of the “major new features”. I sat through the entire Call of Duty part of the presentation, getting all hyped up and nursing a bit of wood for what I was hoping, would be a beautiful trailer filled with nothing but awesomeness.


Instead, I was presented with slightly improved graphics, horrible gameplay additions like the cover system bullshit, and a dog. Well yes, the animation details of the dog (and characters) was pretty impressive, but I don’t feel like it deserved to be made out as a huge leap forward for COD.


I also get that COD isn’t exactly known for huge innovations in their titles – if it works then why change it and all that – but I was expecting just a little more than what I was given.

Here’s the teaser trailer:


Looks pretty awesome, I’ll admit.

Here’s a look at the Call of Duty presentation at the “Xbone” (Xbox One) reveal, held earlier this week:


And finally, here’s the official reveal trailer:


I really hope both the “Xbone”, and Call of Duty: Ghosts can redeem themselves at E3 by giving gamers what they really want; fucking gameplay!