Canadian rock band Crash Test Dummies will be visiting South Africa in February 2018. The tour will be led by Brad Roberts, lead singer and songwriter for the band, and fans will be able to enjoy a fun-filled day-time picnic in both Cape Town and Pretoria, while jamming to the performance of this extraordinary band.

There is no mistaking the unique bass-baritone voice of lead singer Brad Roberts which no doubt will be conjuring fond memories of Crash Test Dummies hits over the last two decades. The band received international acclaim with their sophomore record, ‘God Shuffled His Feet’, released in 1993. Their single ‘MMM MMM MMM MMM’ went to the top of the billboard charts in America and then in Europe. Over the years the band has touched on funk and soul, folk, electronic music and even Christmas tunes and now fans will be able to enjoy Roberts’ voice and offbeat lyrical sensibility as they perform live to their South African fans.

With that said, I had a chat with Brad Roberts from Crash Test Dummies before their tour…

Hey Brad! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a chat with us. Excited for South Africa?

More than you can imagine!

Some late 80’s kids will always remember your single “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”. When you wrote that song at the time, did you ever think that it will be remembered 20 years later?

Those late 80’s kids must have some drugs that I don’t because MMM came out in 1993. In any case, yes, I did believe MMM would be remembered 20 years later because I was young and cocky… Hah! No, in fact, I was quite convinced that Superman’s Song was my first and last chance at lasting fame, and that song was my very first single ever (on our very first record ever, The Ghosts That Haunt Me).

You also managed commercial success with your first hit single, “Superman’s Song”. I am sure the memories are vague but what inspired you the write this song?

Those memories are in fact quite clear! The first line was inspired by a song I heard on the radio one day while bar-tending: “Tarzan – was a white man…” It was a rap song, I think. Maybe you remember it? Don’t know that it was a hit. Anyhow, the phrase “Tarzan wasn’t a ladies man” came into my head and I took it from there. The song was going to be about Tarzan but then Superman took over as I continued to fool about with the line and the concepts that might flow from it…

You are playing at Pretoria Botanical Gardens which is such an awesome setting. Do you prefer such outdoor concerts?

I like concerts indoors and outdoors. Whatever venue we are playing is a choice not made by me, naturally, but by the booking agent. We’re just happy to show up and play. And it sounds lovely: I’m curious to see the place…

Planning on doing some sightseeing while you are here?

I’d hoped to find a Shaman to put me in touch with my ancestors, but I don’t know if that counts as sightseeing.

You released the album, “Ooh La La” in 2010 and a song, “I’ll be peaceful then” in 2016. Can we expect a bit of new music soon?

Yes, check out ” ‘I’ll Be Peaceful Then’ by Crash Test Dummies featuring Brad Roberts.”

South Africa is not an everyday location for awesome artists. We love having artists of your caliber here. We have to ask though, where is the strangest place you’ve gone to perform?

The strangest place I’ve ever performed? Well, South Africa is right up there, truth be told. We arrived here just when Nelson Mandela had been freed and the general atmosphere was very heady. We were on BMG at the time and I recall that the woman who ran the company was exceptionally intelligent and a very interesting conversationalist. In fact, I recall the label people as being just lovely in general. I don’t recall the name of the venues we played, but one show was particularly surreal: I think the seats were benches and we seemed to be in some kind of sports venue? The crowd was smallish and appeared confused. Sound familiar? It has been over 40 years now, so… I should say that Ellen was delighted to swim with penguins, something I gather is seen as a bit of a joke by the locals. (“You wanna swim with those dirty penguins?” It made her year! We also drove a truck into a field full of lions–a “safari”–and were told that a Japanese tourist had got out of the same truck only recently, against the wishes of the tour-bus operator, to take pictures! I gather he was eager to get a shot of Mamma lion and her babies (!), you know, together–a family. Of course, he was mauled to death. I found it all a little sad, man misunderstanding animal and vice versa.

What can fans of your music expect at your performances in South Africa?

A top-notch show, full of vim and vinegar, with a healthy dose of God Shuffled His Feet material to round out the set list.

Since you are the only remaining active member of Crash Test Dummies, we have to ask. Will we ever see a reunion tour?

That, dear friends, remains to be seen…

Thanks for the chat, Brad! We cannot wait for the tour!