In case you didn’t know: In India, rugby is a sport where players get repeatedly kicked in the face, and where WWE moves are a requirement to win a game. Oh, and don’t forget about an opposing player sliding into your nutsack.

That’s the impression that you get from Bollywood movie Sye.

These sporting scenes from the 2004 film resurfaced recently after a social media user on Reddit rediscovered the footage. Seeing that the movie was released in 2004, Bakkies Botha might’ve consulted with the director…

According to Stuff: The plot is centred around two warring college student groups who battle on the rugby field to prove superiority.

One day, a local mafia leader purchases the rugby pitch and the rival teams are forced to set their differences aside to play a rugby match to win back their pitch.


Check it out, and revel in the awesomeness that is Bollywood rugby! Thanks to Ant Kaplan for sharing this masterpiece.