It has been 8 long years since we heard anything new from Blink 182, apart from some side acts like Angels and Airwaves and +44. But they are releasing a brand new song called Up All Night officially on Friday at 10:30 a.m (US time of course) on Los Angeles radio station KROQ and

“We’re all so stoked to finally have music out that people can listen to. I think I’m probably more excited than anyone else in the world for the new single,” Hoppus wrote

“I just want lasers. That’s what I said last time, though, so we’ll see,” Tom DeLonge said in May. “I’m excited [because] I think on this next tour we’re going to be able to have a lot more options of what we can do, because the music is going to afford a little more latitude, just because we’ve been doing some really cool stuff and different stuff with the new record. So I’m really excited to bring that out.”

I hope it goes back to fart, shit, dick and pussy jokes, all this serious lyrics are good. But it is time for plain old fun songs, and who better to bring that than BLINK 182.

Only time or a few hours will tell how the next record will play out when it finally gets released, I am holding thumbs for a little seriousness and a lot of “I slept with your mom”.