The past time that passes time faster than you can say, shit fuck I missed again. Seems like everyone is playing it or getting screwed over in the game with the so called rules that people put in place. I first started enjoying the beer pong game when I was still in my teen years and saw a movie called Beerfest. On one particular scene they played a very different beer pong to where it is today, they played with a slightly larger than normal beer mug on each of the four squares that you usually get on a standard ping pong table. 4 players joining in on the action, beer mug filled to top and with a paddle.

The aim of the game was to get your ball in the other person opposite to your side’s mug while still keeping your own in a standard game of ping pong. It was fun, it was hard and a lot of beer got spilled, with time experience came and types of shots that would fuck with your opponent. We enjoyed the type of beer pong, while others that were virgins to it not so much, you see, you have to be in some possession of normal ping pong skills to even be a challenge to the more seasoned campaigners. We killed the game and also all the paddles we had, we were reduced to playing with empty DVD cases trying to replicate a ping pong bat at some stage.

We then reverted to the acclaimed beer pong that everybody knows at the moment, the one where you THROW the ball into cups. It was a different approach but delivered the same amount of fun. Now to my point I am trying to make, every place I come to there are different sets of rules that I have to comply with. Some I can understand, plenty of them are just fucking idiotic and wastes precious drinking time. So let’s all take a moment and cover the basics.

You throw the ball into the other person’s cup, you miss you give the ball over. The ball goes in, you get another shot.

Other person throws ball to your cup, same as above, vice versa when he misses or gets it in the cup.

You get all the cups from the other person, you win and they finish yours, drinks not the cups, also vice versa for the other player

Now please, enlighten me if there are any other fucking rules that I have to comply with?!