Let’s start off with this: If you think beer pong is a childish game – please leave immediately, there’s no room for you. We don’t care about your opinion.

Beer pong is a man’s game – it’s a game of skill, hand-eye co-ordination and drinking (Lots of it) – enjoyed by people around the world, but in South Africa we’re a bit behind on the game. There’s a beer pong league but it’s not as big as other drinking games in our beloved country, simply because beer pong doesn’t get played as much as, for example, the infamous Kings at a party. But I can assure you it’s picking up!

So after many hours searching for a legit beer pong table at various liquor stores (They don’t stock beer pong tables, and you will be met by a confused look) and on the internet, I even considering importing a table, which would’ve set me back a few thousand bucks, I came across SA Pong. They were cheap, friendly and even delivered my table. #Winning
SA Pong Table

This weekend we decided to put the table to the test, and if it can resist a few slightly intoxicated people. After a few rounds, the table was dirty, sticky… and still holding. It was a miracle! My beer pong table will definitely be making its way to Oppikoppi with me this year, so if you see us with a legit beer pong table in the dust, come and say hi – we WILL accept your challenge.

Here are two photos taken by my lady of our beer pong night, before the festivities properly got under way.


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