Park Acoustics and Pringles proudly presents Parks Spring Edition with Spoegwolf, Bad Peter, Grassy Spark and more!

2018 felt like an exceptionally cold winter and for that reason, they’re going BIG and celebrating the change of seasons with an all-star line up featuring Spoegwolf, Aking, Grassy Spark, Bad Peter, Charlie Finch and Half ‘n Half.

Comedy will keep a smile on your face(until Monday morning) with Robby Collins, Vittorio Leonardi, and Gilli Apter.

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 Charlie Finch
12:05 Bad Peter
13:10 Grassy Spark
14:20 Aking
15:30 Spoegwolf
16:30 Heasphase

Sunset Comedy Stage

Robby Collins
Vittorio Leonardi
Gilli Apter


R150 Online 
R175 Gate

With that said, I had a quick chat with the guys at Bad Peter before Park Acoustics:

Hey, thanks for having a quick chat before Park Acoustics. You have played a few Park Acoustics shows before, are you excited to be back?

Yes for sure!! Always a highlight of our year.

If you could describe Park Acoustics in three words, what would they be?

Fun AF!!

Hahaha! Which band are you most excited about to share a stage with at Park Acoustics this weekend?

Aking. We used to party to Aking and attend tons of shows while we were students. So it’s definitely a massive honour for us sharing a stage with them.

You have released your EP “Need To Hear” last year September, which have been streamed more than a hundred thousand times. How does it feel to have reached that milestone?

It really feels surreal and at the same time that we’re still only starting. It’s humbling to know that there are some people actually listening to our songs.

You guys have been pretty busy playing a lot of shows this year. What has been the highlight of your year so far?

Jis it’s so difficult to single out one particular performance but STRAB would have to be that one this year. We played our slot on the Deck stage and unfortunately Chris Chameleon couldn’t get through the border due to his passport. So Conrad and the team bumped us up to fill in for the legendary Boo on the main stage. It was an insane experience.

Is there anything else we can look forward to from you this year?

We’re very excited to release a new one-take-live video series of our EP Need to Hear. The very first songs we ever released to the public was done in this way, so we can’t wait to do it with Need to Hear.

Photos by 1988 Films.