Daniel Munro is a 30 minute Comedy/Drama short-film by award-winning South African director (and good friend to Why Ed), Willem van der Heever. Willem and his team started a campaign on Go Get Funding, to encourage people to make this uniquely South African film possible. There are only two months left in the campaign, so let’s make our donations and play our part in getting this project up and running!

In case you don’t know who Willem van der Heever is: He is a young, upcoming director from South Africa who will be will be graduating from The Open Window Institute of Film Arts at the end of 2015.  Daniel Munro will be his fourth short film, and most probably his last one before he moves to the US in 2016 to start working on his first future length film.

Daniel Munro will be set in a very unique and special part of South Africa, but will also shine a light on the gorgeous landscapes and people of the Karoo. The money donated will be used for important aspects of the filming process such as travel, accommodation, location fees, hiring of equipment, paying the actors, and post production.

With a total estimated budget of $5000 for the film, any donation will be highly appreciated!

NFFTY 2015

Willem van der Heever – The man behind Daniel Munro

Here’s a little more information about the film:

Daniel Munro (Armand Aucamp) is a mysterious, wealthy young man from the city, who ends up at a road stall in the middle of the barren Tankwa Karoo (semi-desert in South Africa). His car broke down and with roadside assistance only able to send someone out the following Monday, he is forced to spend the weekend at the road stall. The stall is run by Cornelius Theron (Callie Theron); a wise, old, Afrikaans man, with a different view on life than Daniel. Things at the stall then suddenly heat up when two detectives decide to show up. A story with strong themes of ignorance and arrogance, love and tragedy.


The dangers of the money driven society we are living in, and how money can’t buy happiness. One man’s journey of becoming the man he was intended to be.


A Comedy Drama with quirky elements. A story rich in comedy as well as tragedy. Interesting mannerisms of the contrasting and unique characters are placed against the epic and awe-awakening backdrop of the great Karoo desert

If you’re interested in investing in local talent, click here to make a donation, or if you’re still not convinced, check out his previous short film: Dropping In.

This project receives the Why Ed stamp of approval!