First and foremost, Art Snakes is a noise pop band from Pretoria.

The project brings together Matthieu Auriacombe (kidofdoom, Beach Party, Hello Beautiful), Jason Hinch (Black Cat Bones, Blood Brothers, Boargazm) and Werner Olckers (Wrestlerish) to form a new hyper-alumni from some of Pretoria’s most elite musicians.

The band is a culmination of musicianship, performance experience and boisterous songwriting.

Art Snakes’ sound is dense and sonically refreshing. Flowing seamlessly through heavy guitars and drums to melodic and emotive vocals. Art Snakes move through various musical landscapes while stamping their own and unique take on every note.

The very first single was released, titled “Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango.”

The single was recorded and produced by David Grevler at Anti Motion Studios in Johannesburg. We also had the great pleasure of working with musical mastermind, Peach van Pletzen on the mastering of the track.