Park Acoustics and Pringles celebrates 9 years of Parks with a legendary line up!!

They are super stoked to welcome the Godfather of alternative Afrikaans music, Anton Goosen Liedjieboer, Belville sweethearts, AKING, Cape Town ska-pop mega force, Grassy Spark, P-Town indie kids, December Streets, Portuguese flavor of the month, The Barbosa Experience and then Park’s very own Moejoe vs Dr Khumalo aka Johan & Henk!!

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 The Barbosa Experience
12:05 December Streets
13:10 Anton Goosen
14:15 Grassy Spark
15:30 Aking
16:30 Moejoe vs Dr Khumalo

Sunset Comedy Stage

Alfred Adriaan
Ntosh Madlingozi
Chik Aloy


R155 Online 
R175 Gate

With that said, I had a chat with the legend himself, Anton Goosen.

It is your 40th anniversary this year, congratulations! How did the music industry change throughout all these years?

it changed substantially- in ’79 there was vinyl, cassettes- from there it moved to cd’s, mp3’s, YouTube and streaming ie iTunes, Spotify, etc. Radio changed in format eg computerized playlists. The media changed as well with the arrival of the internet and social media. TV was TV 1 2 3 and 4 – That has changed as well. The industry has had to adapt to an ever-growing shrinking in hard copy sales. Except for one or two independents and smaller co.’s, music, in fact, belong to two major labels worldwide: Sony and universal.

“Anton Goosen – The Father of Afrikaans Rock Music” was used as a headline a lot. Are you proud of and happy with the direction Afrikaans music took? Was this what you envisioned 40 years ago when you started?

I did ‘not envisage anything really, but indigenous Afrikaans really grew very positively since the “Musiek and Liriek movement in 1979, followed by various smaller movements and happenings. I think Afrikaans rock is in a very good state whether it is Piet Botha, Zoid, Jan Blohm, Beeskraal, Akkedis, Gian Groen, Poliesiekar, etc.

Do you enjoy being a songwriter or singer more?

That is a difficult one- for me, it is one process holistically. It starts with an idea, the song, then a recording and ends up on the stage solo or with a power band surrounding the song…

How critical are you on yourself when it comes to your writing and music?

I do an immense amount of “homework” and revision. A mentor once said, ” the song is as good as the worst link in the chain”. It is true. The problem is that there are no rules or textbooks.

Your career is filled with controversy, from your songs being banned on radio, to falling asleep in public on multiple occasions, to being assaulted by Bles Bridges, and that time you shocked the music industry once again by appointing a 19-year-old as your manager in 1989.

The falling asleep was at a Nataniel concert- I apologized to him afterward. And once during a very boring magazine interview. I did not apologize for that one. The 19-year-old manager was very bright, well connected and not at all what the venue owners expected. This was very much to my advantage. Lol.

Did you go out to shock people or were you just a pure rock star who didn’t give a damn?

No, everything just happened. That is the problem with the truth. People prefer to be told what they want to hear. I cannot do that. I am not very good with P.R.

What keeps you inspired in today’s times?

Music and nature.

Are there any new or young musicians you would recommend?

Spoegwolf. I really like the light and shade of their music. At one stage the Afrikaans rock circuit all sounded like a 100 meter -angst race.