Spring clearly sprung on us out of the blue a few weekends ago, and alongside Park Acoustics, brought the heat to Pretoria. Everyone in the 012 had the same idea for a lovely sunny Sunday at Park Acoustics, which had a fiery line-up this month. Putting AKing, Grassy Spark and Spoegwolf on the same bill resulted in another sold-out event.

I was excited to get to one of my favourite venues and get my Sunday party started, but my facial expression changed very quickly when I saw the queue just to get on the bus. It was jam-packed. Unfortunately, it took us over an hour to get to the top, so we completely missed Charlie Finch.

We finally found a small space to half sit and listen to some Bad Peter. I always enjoy their folk-rock sounds. Their “Faithful Lover” finds a way into my head and I would still catch myself humming it, even weeks after seeing them live. If you have not heard of these guys, do yourself a favour and check them out.

After the sitting down thing did not work out in the sea of people we decided to rather stay in front and dance. This was absolutely perfect timing for Grassy Spark because one does not simply sit down when they are playing. This five-member band has cool vibes down to the T, from their sound straight to their fashion sense. The way they interact with the crowd is always a fun sight to see. I was a bit sad that there was not enough time for them to do their usual medley at the end of their set, as I was really looking forward to that and the crowd would have definitely loved that. But all in all, it was such a treat to see Grassy again.

The band I was by far most excited to see was AKING though. Laudo Liebenberg is and will always be one of my favourite lead singers, and I have not been to one of their shows in ages. The crowd packed together around the stage, and it was beautiful to hear everyone singing along to some of my old favourites. The nostalgia was real. With goosebumps all over I emotionally sang with them while remembering the good old MK days. I also wish they could have had an encore because I just did not want their set to end.

While the last band of the day lost shirts, the crowd lost their minds. It was none other than Spoegwolf who ended this sold out Park Acoustics. Everyone under the famous old tree in Fort Schanskop danced along, and even though I am personally not such a big fan of theirs, I could clearly see why people love them so much. They have a very energetic stage presence that makes you want to move with them, which makes their show exciting to watch.

As some of the crowd disappeared to the busses, while the rest either kept it going to Heasphase at the main stage or headed to the comedy stage. This month’s comedy stage line-up included Robby Collins, Vittorio Leonardi, and Gilli Apter.

Once again Park Acoustics never disappoints (unless you were one of those who slept on the tickets and did not get any). In that case, make sure to get your tickets early for next month’s Park Acoustics! The line-up is an absolute killer with Hellcats, Fuzigish, Boo! and The Narrow!