The Dark Knight

The video is called Ode to (21st Century) Cinematographers, it was created by Erick Lee, and here’s a note that came along with it.

‘This is a compilation of SOME of my favorite shots from numerous cinematographers from around the world, roughly during the past decade. Due to not only wanting to keep a consistent look, but to also respect the cinematographers’ work by not re-cropping 16×9 media, I only used movies that were shot around a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. As you can imagine, this not only limited what I was able to use, but also prevented me from using some of my favorite display of cinematography. Among those include “Children of Men” by Emmanuel Lubezki, “Prisoners” by Roger Deakins, “Hugo” by Robert Richardson, and “Only God Forgives” by Larry Smith, to name a few’

This is probably the best eye-candy you will see this week, so pretty… This is solid proof movies are becoming more and more visually stimulating.