Alainite releases his debut single ‘Hours (feat. Sloani)’. This is the artist first single since launching his solo career in late 2018.

Over the past 10 years, Alainite has been playing music in various bands across various genres. Recently, Alainite made the choice to follow his passion and pursue a career as a solo artist, with the intention of international and local collaboration and quality releases. His debut release as a solo artist ‘Hours (feat. Sloani)’ debuted on SA’s biggest radio station 5fm and has recently been added to a number of popular Spotify playlists.

Alain had the following to say about his latest single ‘Hours (feat. Sloani)’ – “This track is very personal to me. It captures a time in my life where I had to work through a lot of personal issues relating to love, mental health, and self-acceptance”

With a passion for music and a plan to continually release new tracks in the coming months, throughout 2019 and beyond, the future looks very bright for this upcoming artist.

Check out “Hours” on these platforms sommer nou! The song is fokken rad. Moenie wag nie.