Al Bairre recently took part in Xperia Mashlab on 5FM. In collaboration with PHFAT, they have just released the single, Caviar Dreams. A lekker new tune for your ear-entertainment!

Al Bairre and PHFat were voted by 5FM listeners as two artists they would like to see collaborate on a track. The listeners also had to send in theme ideas for the collaboration, of which the artists chose the theme ‘dreams’.

The artists then had two weeks to work on the song. They had a final song ready for release with a week to spare, but then heard that they had the chance to record live on the pipe organ in City Hall in Cape Town. They loved the sound of the organ, and three days before the song’s release scrapped pretty much everything they had and started working on a new version of the song based around the organ as the main feature. They finished the song with 2 hours to spare.
My Vaderland se gat, Kuse Mzansi la_full size

Caviar Dreams’ composition started with Narch laying down a basic four bar loop with drums and bass. Kyle then added guitar and Nic and Tessa recorded the organ. After the music part was concluded, Nic, Mike and the Al Bairre twins came up with basic melodies after which Mike wrote the lyrics to the song. After everything was recorded, Mike and Narch tightened all loose ends with a final polish of the song.

“It’s very different to what either of us would have usually made, so it’s hard to know what to think. But we think it’s cool. Very dreamy and haunting. We both love dreamy and haunting.” says Al Bairre.

Download Caviar Dreams EXCLUSIVELY on Sony Xperia Lounge through the Mashlab App from the PLAY STORE: