A changeling and a chaser of truth, Aidan Martin is forever seeking authenticity when it comes to his craft, and the much-anticipated album Refugee is a true testament to this passion. He believes in creating music that is accessible to everyone, that inspires consciousness, freedom of thought and freedom of creation.

Throughout his career, he has remained true to his roots and has consistently produced music that is polished, accessible and uncompromisingly rock ‘n’ roll. Or – as he calls it – AfroRock/PurpleBlues/Rhythm & Soul/Freedom/Changeling.

Just as the mesh of genres proclaim, Aidan is a multitalented musician and songwriter, while his work is underscored by an undeniable sense of purpose and soul. In a time when audiences are seeking the next big thing by scrolling through their social media feeds, it has become increasingly hard to find a musician – and band members – who are true to their art; musicians who breathe groovy blues and play to the soul of rock.

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At the helm of steering Refugee into world-class production is Graham Ward, award-winning producer, composer and songwriter, who has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Bee Gees and Toni Braxton, to name a few.

“Graham brings years of industry experience and compelling talents to the table and adds that extra ingredient to the music. We are very lucky to work with someone of his calibre,” Aidan said.

Never one to stand still, Aidan is constantly seeking ways to perfect his craft while he tirelessly gigs across South Africa. It is this drive that makes him one of today’s rare musicians, practicing an unparalleled work ethic and dedication to the art of making music.

“This is it for me. There’s no time for the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, because I have to continue to focus on my craft.” Aidan Martin might see himself as a refugee of life, but he sure knows how to turn his determination into a thing of beauty.

With that said, we had a quick chat with Aidan.

Here’s Aidan’s answers.

Hi there. Thanks for your time to have a quick chat. How has the reception been on Refugee?

It’s been great thanks. Although the masses have not really reacted much, all the reviews have been fantastic. Thing is, this isn’t really an album meant for mainstream so having players in the industry that have proven years of experience and a well trained ear, these are the opinions that really mean something. Also, we have had some strong responses at shows where the lyrics and music really do grab individuals, which I guess is what it’s all about.

What makes your new album so special for you?

Well for me, it’s a step forward as a composer and writer. It also comes from a place of truth and frankness. Never do I intend to push an opinion on any listener but rather encourage them to make it their own and have it talk to them in any way that they can relate to the music, the lyrics or just the overall mood.

How would you describe Refugee in one sentence?

It’s an honest and reflective album of where my mind is at, and the times we live in.

How was it working with Graham Ward on the new album? Any advice from the award-winning producer? It was a privilege to work with such an experienced musician and engineer, and that comes through on the album. No half measures were taken. We worked hard yet it was a relaxed and inspiring time.

You’ve been all over, performing and crafting, what shows stand out for you in your career?

Well looking back this year I would say; Endless Daze was great. I was actually quite sick with laryngitis but the show must go on. The album launch at Mercury was also one for the books. Certain elements are key such as the sound, lighting, the chemistry between the band and the audience. Those boxes were ticked!

You’ve said that there is no time for the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and that you need to focus on your craft. What do you do when you’re not performing or working on your craft?

Hahaha yeah, it’s quite tough to keep oneself busy and inspiration doesn’t have an on and off button. I love a couple of Guinness pints…….

Reading and watching films is another great past time.

Where can people find you next?

I have a few solo acoustic shows this December. New Year’s I’m playing at Smoking Dragon Festival full band. You can check out my website for details at www.aidanmartin.co