The famous, incomparable rapper, PHFAT did it again!

PHFAT along with the opening acts raised the roof off of one of our favourite rock and roll bars, Aandklas, this past Saturday.

The opening acts included acoustic folk singer Daniel O’Connell, Henry Marsh and the hilariously funny “Is it black with white stripes or is it white with black stripes?” duo, Zebra, who was nicely dressed in black and white onesies.

PHFAT had a strong start with one of his famous crowd chants, leading to the beginning of one of my personal favourite songs, “Church”. His set featured a lot of his new songs, including his latest nostalgic love jam featuring Mac Motel, “Keep You Safe”, which caught the crowd a little off guard seeing that it is a lot mellower and softer comparing to his dark yet playful “Kill the Universe” track. The crowd kept jumping nonetheless and soon enough the party might just as well have been in a jumping castle. No matter who you were, you felt like a jumping badass while PHFAT was tearing up the room.

We’re excited to see in which direction PHFAT jumps next, rumour has it that it is going to be dark and dangerous.

Thanks to Aandklas for this rad night, and PHFAT, for turning Aandklas into one moerse jumping castle!

This weekend, it’s Red Helen, Newtown Knife Gang & IAM rocking it out at Aandklas. We’ll see you there!

Photos by Aandklas