Blogging has come a long way since John Barger coined the term ‘webblog’ for the first time in 1997, from there ‘blogging’ has spread its wings and swept over every single person who has an opinionated voice with some/no writing ability – people of Gauteng being no exception.

Okay, let’s get a little less serious. With the amount of bloggers currently ACTIVE in Gauteng, it’s obvious that it’s pretty easy to start a blog. But what many people may not realise is that keeping the attention of your readers, and staying up to date with intriguing and share-able posts, actually takes a lot of time and effort (also, beer). Most of the bloggers I’ve met are fully dedicated to their respective blogs, and are recognized by the public and the blogging community in their fields of expertise.

With that being said, we here at Why Ed feel that it’s about time we feature a couple of the best blogs in the Gauteng province that not only keep their readers entertained and informed, but do so in a ways we find particularly awesome.

We’ll only be featuring bloggers who actually post articles that are interesting and original, and are based in or around our beautiful Snor City. And hey, If you didn’t make it, there’s always next time…



Wat kyk jy

Probably the most well-known Afrikaans blog in South Africa, and dare we say, the world. We can describe reading Wat Kyk Jy as the most fun you can have with your pants on. Griffin and co. have a ‘crude’ and entertaining outlook on life that clearly makes its way into their articles.

Wat Kyk Jy is your go-to site to find everything you need to know about Zef, International Artist Interviews, sport previews, and hilarious stories. Most of the blog is in Afrikaans, but don’t let that stop you if your home language is English.

Be sure to check out their Zef Slang page – print it, and take it with you where ever you go.





This may be one of the lesser known blogs in our post, but it’s made huge strides since we first started reading it quite a while ago, and that makes it more than worthy of its spot on our list. Vanessa Smeets, the blog’s founder and author, covers a broad spectrum of personal things – all of which make the blog an interesting read. We dig it, and hopefully it’ll keep you as entertained as much as it’s entertained us.

For a more personal blogging feel, we suggest you check out her site.




SA Music Scene

Gauteng Music Scene is an offspring of sorts from SA Music Scene, with Cape Town Music Scene, their sibling, under the mountain. They provide you with all information you need about the music scene in PREToria. If you want an in-depth review about an event, look no further than Gauteng Music Scene.

At home on a Friday night with fokkol to do? Well, head to their website. We can vow that their gig guide has saved many a boring weekend. True Story!




Baas De Beer

Baas de Beer is most probably the most well known mustached person in Pretoria. He’s a big guy, and he’ll MC the fuck out of any event.

We here at Why Ed give Baas a lot of credit for our rise/fall as he was the one who first discovered us in our cave in Pretoria North. Most of you don’t know this, but he has a blog! Baas’s blog is a smile-fest from the word go – he doesn’t write as much as he used to (or should be), but you can always follow him on Twitter where he’ll provide a ‘post’ with 140 characters or less.




Mixed Apples

Do you want music, events, art and a fuck-load of good times? Look no further than Mixed Apples (we actually came across their blog searching for skateboarding in South Africa).

Mixed Apples is predominantly a music blog, but they cover a shit-load of different topics. The blog is updated daily, and you can follow their unique trend, #WordOnTheStreet (on Twitter, obviously), for bits of information in the capital city.



There, now you have a few more blogs to keep you busy. We’ve only covered five of them in the Gauteng region, but were pretty sure there are many more great blogs out there. So, if you have a blog, and want it to be featured here, drop us a comment or an email. We’ll be posting more articles similar to this one for all the people out there in dire need of blogging entertainment.