The internet has changed a lot of things. Not only has the internet changed the way we work, but it has also changed the jobs that we can do. Web developer and a programmer is just some of the jobs that came into being along with the internet, but here are three less obvious jobs that would not exist because of the internet

YouTuber or content creator

Just 20 years ago you needed expensive cameras to make films, and even if you got the film made you needed a studio or TV network to help you distribute the film you made. Wanted to write a book? Good luck getting your book published 20 years ago. These days you can create content, any content, and distribute it worldwide with the help of the internet. You can make a film with your phone and distribute it with YouTube. You can write a book and self-publish it on the internet and sell it via Amazon.

The barrier to entry for content creators has become much smaller. The equipment to create anything has become more affordable than ever before, and you can find an audience for your work with the help of the internet. I mean, 20 years ago there was no way an indie filmmaker like Casey Neistat could make films and distribute them to a massive audience without YouTube. It’s an amazing time to be a content creator.

Gaming streamer

If my mother knew that I could one day make a career and a living out of playing games, she might not have bugged me as much to turn off the PlayStation and do my math homework. With the advent of Twitch, playing games for 6-8 hours a day has not only become viable, but it has also become a legitimate career option. Best of all is that there are multiple platforms to stream your gameplay on, making building an audience easy enough that anyone can do it. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer are just some of the options gamers have to turn their gaming into a career.

Added bonus, popular streamers get tons of perks of the job. If you are popular enough you won’t have to buy yourself gaming chairs, you will get the chair for free and get paid to use it. Just like sports stars, endorsement deals are rife in the world of gaming streamers. Everything from computers, consoles, gaming peripherals and even games can be part of what you earn for a living.

Online cannabis retailer

Yes, your parents might still have a heart attack if you tell them that you want to be a weed dealer. The good news is that legalization is happening around the globe, so is being a dealer can be a legal and viable career choice. Best of all, you might not even have to leave the house because you can sell cannabis-related products online. That’s right, e-commerce in the cannabis industry is booming.

You don’t have to sell actual cannabis. Just keep in mind that selling cannabis (even online) could still be very much illegal where you live. But you can sell things like pipes, bongs, grinders and various other cannabis-related paraphernalia online. Or, if you live in Colorado or California in the US you can sell actual cannabis-related products like cannabis oil, edibles, and even cannabis flowers. Every parent’s worst nightmare, until you are making millions. Something tells me in another 20 years being a weed dealer is not going to have the same stigma as it has today.

Ruan “Stix” Fourie