Smartphones: we use them for practically everything, and if there’s something an app can’t help you do, it’s not worth doing. But having all this awesomeness in our phones, leads to one major setback; fucking ridiculously short battery-life.


Fear not, my power-hungry smartphone fanatics, there is hope for us.

This hope comes in the form of a teenage girl, who isn’t even old enough to drink (in America at least). Eesha Khare, receiver of a young scientist award, is making the big-shots in the world of technology take note.


Her tiny invention, could soon make today’s batteries obsolete.

The device, is what’s called a “supercapacitor”, and as described by its inventor, is basically a storage device that holds a lot of power in a very small space. It fits inside a regular cellphone battery, and makes it capable of fully charging in 20 to 30 seconds!

And, where normal batteries conk-out at around 1000 charge cycles, the supercapacitor, could last for ten times that.


If that weren’t cool enough, the device could also be used in car batteries, to potentially improve their charging time. She explains that this could be a huge benefit to electric-powered cars.

Here’s a video of her explaining all the sciency stuff:


On a side note; watch the guy in the middle holding the Romanian flag… That, is what excitement should look like; the dude was one beer away from breaking down into a huddled mess.


It really is great to see that science isn’t just for old dudes with amazingly awesome hairdo’s anymore. Well done, Eesha, keep up the good work.