That magical day is upon us yet again. It will be a beautiful day; the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing the praises of summer, and the bras will be a faint distant memory for a few hours… well, hopefully.

We here at Why Ed support this day, because it’s all about the ladies in the world who we care about, and they deserve all the attention in the world. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are, nor have the steady pillars that support us through thick and thin. So, this day is not about us, it’s about you and all the things that you girls do that we’re grateful for.

No Bra Day 13 October

Alright back to the no bras. If you want to support this day, we have a few easy steps that you may want to follow:

1) Reach back with your arm below your shoulder bone, if you feel hair or buttocks – you’ve gone way too far.

2) Gently use two fingers to find the bra strap; it’s an apparatus that some men have difficulty understanding because of its superior design, and the ingenious mechanics around it.

3) Push the two parts together that are not directly connected by the manufacturer, like popping a pimple with two fingers. Don’t squeeze too hard, if you did. Revert back to Step 1.

4) The difficult part is now over, so take a deep breath of fresh air – take a minute to compose yourself.

5) The bra is now supposed to be loose and should be dangling around your shoulders, remove it from your shoulders, be sure not to get hair tangled in it. Bad things happen to good people.

6) The bra should now be safely removed and thrown on the bed or in closet for the day.

7) Redirect yourself to a T-shirt or a top. Pull on the shirt or which ever part of clothing you want to cover your assets.

8) Now spoil the man in your life by showing him that you’ve remembered this monumental day, even though he forgot; much like your birthday, first date anniversary or first time you made out in a vehicle anniversary.

These easy steps will ensure that you live out No Bra Day as it should be. Have fun and be safe!

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