These are Callas’s exact words; “I have not changed a thing: Ek like mooi meisies, goeie vriende, party en booze. Ek mis nooit ‘n kuier geleentheid nie want elke geleentheid is n potential Project X party! Interests is maar nature en rugby! En ek love die mense van die Norfff. But I am a Vrystaat boytjie!”


Here is what he had to say about our 10 questions!

1. What would be your background music if you are busy in the bed with a lady?

– Dubstep for sure! It releases my wild side and I will overwhelm the lady with my killer moves.

2. A lifetime supply of beer and tequila, or a nude supermodel for a day of your choice?

– Beer and tequila… If I had a lifetime supply of that it would mean me and my friends could drink and get drunk everyday! The supermodels will anyway find us eventually…

3. Thinking back on your teenage life, is there any girl that you should’ve made a move on, if so, who is she?

– When I was 15 I waited at a wedding and at my table was Cheetah rugby player Phillip Burger; a big doos but his date was too kind and one of the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. They had a big fight which I overheard and she gave me an order not to let her glass of wine ever run empty… Eventually with her BF ignoring her she became really friendly and asked me to sit down with her and have a drink .. After that we only had a few close dances but I never made a move 🙁

4. Why are your eyes always so red, do you have a bad case of pink eye maybe? 🙂

– Haha because the pharmacy doesn’t always have eye drops.

5. If you were made president by some or other magical way; what would your first order of business be?

– I would legalize cannabis because 50 % of the population would agree that it’s not harmful! Then the country would become like a second Amsterdam..

6. If you could be anyone in the whole world, dead or alive, who would you be and why?

– Travis Barker: I would love to rock out on a drum set like he does and can you imagine how insane the after parties and tours would be!

7. Are you a lover or a fighter?

– Always a lover. Fighter when necessary

8. Would you still rock your fucking awful Bronx if you won the Lotto, does it have any significant meaning?

– Those Bronx have been with me to every funeral, wedding, bail court case and one Oppikoppi since my feet could fit in there … I will continue making them legends for they are The Bronx :p

9. What’s your dream job?

– My dream job would require me to travel and not sit at the same place everyday … Be the owner of a bar in the Norfff will be awesome!

10. What is your worst experience with a girl in the sack?

– One time I called a girl on the wrong name and the other time I fell asleep… FAIL

We would like to thank Callas Kahlert giving us some hindsight into his world. If you want to be part of the 10 Questions phenomenon, drop us a comment or email us at