That’s right. Zoolander 2 is upon is and so hot right now… much like South Africa. Paramount released two new posters for the sequel, which feature dim-witted but really really really ridiculously good looking male models Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) posing for selfies, which makes total sense for these guys. You can actually see them posing for a real Instagram photo below, which was only posted one day ago and it looks like they were doing the photo shoot for the poster. Are you excited to see the two male models back in action? It’s been 14 years since the first film. Yes, 14 fucking years?!

A few photos from Zoolander 2 to build up the hype towards this much-anticipated film.

What are those… phones for giants!? #lol #bluesteel #selfietime #twinning 👯

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Its the season! 🍊🍫🎃🍦#orangemochaslashpumpkinspicefrappuccino A photo posted by Derek Zoolander (@zoolander) on

Hello?? Earth to Instgram… #😳

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