Skryf dit solank neer, Wolmer Rock Show 2016. A full weekend (Monday is a public holiday, geen verskonings nie) of Folk, Blues, Rock, Metal, and many more. Camping, braaing, chilling, grooving, headbanging, partying, eating, laughing, playing, and all the fun things combined. Dis alles wat jy wil hê in ‘n musiekfees in Snortoria. Okay, die Noorde kant van Pretoria-baai. Dis die beste ding wat jy kan doen in die Norfff.

Wolmer het vanoggend van hulle artists bekend gestel, wat julle gaan entertain en jou laat fokken dans, hier is hulle:

We present to you Wolmer Rock Show 2016, featuring:

The BLACK CAT BONES / BCUC / Crystal Park / Satanic Dagga Orgy / ‪#‎Boxer‬ / ‪#‎DieSee‬ / After Robot / ‪#‎Tuin‬ / ‪#‎Bark‬ / I AM / Art Snakes / Facing the Gallows / The Fake Leather Blues Band / Jonathan Peyper / The Oh So Serious / Monkeys In Boots / The Jack Rolling Dandy’s / Boargazm / The Sextons / Hoot ‘n Anny / ‪#‎JohnathanMartin‬ / Emile Swiegers / Deity’s Muse / The Overmind / HOKUM / Only Forever / The Barbosa Experience / Feed The Wolf / Raptorbaby / GUNSHIP / ‪#‎HamOfBob‬ / ‪#‎CMR‬ / ‪#‎LosHermanos‬ / ‪#‎BrightLightsBigCity‬ / My Columbine / Maximum Carnage / Riddlebreak / Adorned in Ash / ‪#‎Deadline‬ / Urban Vitamin / ‪#‎NoComply‬ / DJ Shape Shifter

Wat ‘n line-up manne? Kaartjie pryse en nog kunstenaars sal ook bekend gestel word in die volgende paar maande. Is jy gelukkig? Jy beter wees want hierdie ene gaan hard en unforgiving wees. Jy sal party en jy sal gatswaai vir ten minste 4 ure. Pappa Ed het gepraat!

Vir meer inligting, click here.

Wolmer. “Why the name Wolmer? It’s not even IN Wolmer.” Well, there are many myths surrounding the colloquial name given to musicians in the northern part of Pretoria, though only one fact holds true: They’ve been gooi’ing parties, making music, and recording bands in Pretoria (and afar) since ’95 (okay so it’s 3 facts, whatever). They’ve always focussed on creating a platform for artists to showcase themselves as well as facilitating independent bands to grow into some of the powerhouses you know today.

Most of the bands on the bill were hand-picked for their hard work on the live-music circuit in South Africa and have a good, long-standing relationship with Wolmer be it on stage or in studio. Or in a bar. Who knows? All we know is we like to party, and so do you. If you are an outgoing Pretorianer who’s into live music (we all know P-town has the highest number of gig-junkies), then you are well familiar with the acts.

Ons raak sommer so bly, ons begin sommer nou dans en headbang op ons desks. Fok die baas. Wolmer bo!