Joey King stars in a new horror thriller called Wish Upon in which she plays a bullied teenage girl who comes into possession of a music box…

Yes, a box. That music box grants her seven wishes, so of course, the first thing she does is wish that one of the girls bullying her will rot. As you’d expect, the music box has a long history of ruining the lives of people who have had it in their possession.

We’ve got a new trailer for you to watch for the film today, and if you’re into horror movies it might be a film worth checking out. It seems like we’ve seen this kind of story told over and over again over the years in different horror films, so, unfortunately, it doesn’t feel fresh or unique… like we said, yawn vibes.

The movie was directed by John R. Leonetti, who also directed The Conjuring spinoff film, Annabelle. It looks like it could be a fun horror film to check out if you’ve got nothing better to do. Who knows, maybe it will unexpectedly be a good movie. Here’s the synopsis:

Twelve years after discovering her mother’s suicide, 17-year-old Clare Shannon (Joey King) is bullied in high school, embarrassed by her manic, hoarder father Jonathan (Ryan Phillippe) and ignored by her longtime crush. All that changes when her father comes home with an old music box whose inscription promises to grant its owner seven wishes.

While Clare is initially skeptical of this magic box, she can’t help but be seduced by its dark powers, and is thrilled as her life radically improves with each wish. Clare finally has the life she’s always wanted and everything seems perfect – until the people closest to her begin dying in violent and elaborate ways after each wish. Clare realizes that she must get rid of the box, but finds herself unable and unwilling to part with her new-and-improved life – leading her down a dark and dangerous path.

Wish Upon arrives in theaters on June 30, 2017.