I have one double set of tickets to give away for the Synergy Live in Jozi, for you and a friend, the festival will be debut on the 1st of December 2012 at the Riversands Farm in Fourways. Acts to play at the live music festival include local talents like Bittereinder, The Narrow, Zebra and Giraffe, Desmond & the Tutus, Double Adapter, Wrestlerish amongst others and the legendary THE PRODIGY. You heard right, THE PRODIGY! The festival will make you dance your shorts off and will blow your mind. If you are as excited as me to rock, dance and be a fire starter at the festival you won’t want to miss the chance to score a double ticket.

You know you want to

How to enter for the tickets, drop me a comment on why exactly you should go to the amazing festival or tweet me @WhyIamEd with your reason. The rules are that you must include the words Synergy Live in your comment or tweet, competition closes on 16 November 2012 at 13:00 and the winner will be announced shortly after. Most original awesome comment or tweet wins!

Be sure to follow @SynergyLive for regular updates or visit their site for more info regarding the festival

  • ally T

    Cause i would love 2 rock out with my sock out, drop it like its hoff and dance like DJ invisable!!!! @ Synergy Live

  • Rudi

    Want eke is lus om te diep see duik in n vlak dammetjie, en hoe beter om Desember af te skop met ‘n kick ass line-up te danke aan Synergy Live, en dit sal ‘n awesome present wees vir my b.day, 17November

  • jacques

    I have to go to this awesome fest cause synenergy life will be the best shit I’ve ever smoked rock en roll bitches m/

  • Marko fourie

    I should go to synergy live because if i am not there all the bands would not know what to do and they are not going to play so do you really want to take away an amazing show for thousands of people??? I dont think so!! Think of all the other people!!

  • Will Lourens

    I need to go to Synergy Live, because Prodigy is my girlfriend’s favourite band and Baby’s Got a Temper. She is a real Firestarter and she might decide to Smack her bitch up, a.k.a: me, if she isn’t able to go. Then someone will have to Take me to the Hospital before I will be able to Stand Up again, Girls be crazy!

    LOL, see what I did there?

  • Sarah Mackenzie

    Watching the Prodigy Live @SynergyLive would be life changing!!! I will be smacking my bitch up all over the D floor! hahaha

  • Callas

    SYNERGY LIVE is my type of festival without a doubt! It’s a chance of a lifetime to get your freak on and enjoy the best rock and electronic bands that Synergy Live has to offer.
    If I win these tickets it would mean the world to me not because I got the tickets for free but because The Prodigy are one of the bands on my bucket list that I must see before they retire or I die.
    I believe The Prodigy are the Kings of electronic music and they also inspired other Artists to go mad with their Techno gadgets and create dubstep and so on…
    Also..It’s 2012.. And if the Mayans were right this could be my last chance to ever see them live. Think about it 😉

  • After hearing the two biggest badasses in the joburg’s drum and bass scene… Reepa and RudeOne..!!! my body will be in a 100% Rave mode to fully witness my first encounter of The PRODIGY live in my own backyard in a heaviest state of my drum and bassed mind i shall mosh rave the shit out the place..!!!! smacking bitches up..!! learning Prodigy’s state of live mind shall fill me up as a musician… I cant F##### wait for Synergy Live ..!!!!!

  • koketso pelle

    PLZ can i win these tickets 2 Synergy Live!!it wud be life changing and insane.PRODIGY can bring the heat and i dont wana miss this!!my aussie chick friend is coming down 2 south africa for the 1st time and this wud be A MIND MELTING EXPERIENCE for her and wud put any doubt in her head about HAVING IT in the south!!pretty plz.awe

  • Rolandi Botha

    This will be my first Synergy Live show ever!! I want to be able to say that little miss me watched The Prodigy Live and loved every second of it!! First time it’s coming to Jhb and I will not miss it! I’d love some tickets for me and my boyfriend, I know it’s going to be epic!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 so pleaaaase @WhylamEd??

  • Because I’ve been working my derriere off like a good little nerd (for exams) and need to let the inner beast out for one night only at Synergy Live!!! And besides… I spent my day as a tree and for the first time ever there are photos of my ass on Facebook. *face palm*
    P.S. How else is this nerd going to make friends?

  • I am so keen like a bean to win this ticket that I have diligently tweeted, followed, AND now commented on your blog 😀 so here is my slightly longer entry: promoting Synergy Live is my favourite thing to do, when I’m not wrestlerish-ing with my zebra & giraffe. Although the chance that I win this ticket is the narrow one, I’m sure you shall appreciate my writing on the wall, because it’s an omen: I’m going to win this. I will also kiss you on the cheek if you give me this ticket 😀

    P.S. If these musical references are lost on you, please look at the line-up for Synergy Live and you will notice that I am a proper fan. Yes.

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  • Some really epic comments here, you guys aren’t making it easy on poor Ed 😛 KEEP IT UP!

  • Jade

    I bought tickets to see The Prodigy when they were last here in South Africa, and my car got stolen the day of the concert with my tickets in them. I sobbed my farkin heart out!! NOW we have kids and we’re wondering if we should just go out and dance our arsses off for one last time (we’ve quit jolling – braaiis are what happen when you have spawn) while ‘granny’ looks after the little monsters. So we’re entering and if we win we’ll go, otherwise we’ll accept that we’re over the hill and need to stay home and be ‘good’ parents. SAVE ME GODDAMNIT!!! 🙂

  • Ed

    Competition still open till Friday at 13:00. Here is some tweets I also received that are in the running for those tickets:

    From ‏@JqWastenot – @WhyIamEd Because in ’99 I cried myself to sleep, because I couldn’t go… Need tickets to @SynergyLive !!!

    From @Rolandi3 – Twitter doesn’t give me enough space to say why I want tickets to Synergy Live so I wrote you a letter mister @WhyIamEd pic.twitter.com/8fDDK7zH

    From @WakeUpAdam – @whyiamed I need tickets to @synergylive! @theprodigy are the reason I am a convicted arsonist 😉 #firestarter

    From @YolandiViljoen – @WhyIamEd My eerste hereksamen in Januarie,dus die hele Desember in Pretoria. Asb bederf my met kaartjies vir @SynergyLive The Prodigy!

    From @21AdAmskI – @WhyIamEd After hearing the two biggest badasses in the joburg’s dnb scene @Reepaza @RudeOneSF comes The Prodigy.!! MOSH RAVE Synergy Live

    From @chandelierlady – @WhyIamEd missed prodigy in 99,my friend went, & I had to go with her mom to fetch her after. She then threw up in my bag- I need revenge.

    From @I_Am_NOIZE – @WhyIamEd I need tickets cuz i fucking worship @the_prodigy and i will do anything to see them live @SynergyLive in johannesburg!!

  • Alex Ian Hendricks

    Synergy- gives me energy
    mystical melodies mix with my memory
    I find myself entwined with a greater whole
    it’s the synergy that fills my empty hole
    helps me roll with the punches of life
    strife forgotten too busy besotting the synergy
    the coming together of friends and enemies
    to chill, ice cold -glacial
    faces mixed regardless of the racial -divide
    within synergy we all coincide to enjoy the spatialiaty of Nature
    it’s especially great te deflate ya stress with Synergy.

  • JemmaFlea

    I would love the free tickets as music festivals are my life . I wanna jam out with my gwam out at Synergy Live this year for the first time!

  • JemmaJean

    I want to Stand Up at The Prodigy with Diesel Power, while I Run with The Wolves and do the Warrior’ Dance to all the Colours of the Thunder. I wanna be a Firestarter as the World’s on Fire. I wanna Breathe this Funky Shit while I Smack My Bitch Up. I’m like a Piranha in this Serial Thrilla called Synergy Live!

  • Sarah Williams

    To say I am excited to go to Synergy is a major understatement… I booked my flights to Cape Town before i even knew that Prodigy was going to be there.. this was going to be one EPIC December holiday after a insanely hectic year of studying, being dumped by my idiot ex boyfriend and crashing my car… Then a day after I booked my tickets I find out that 1Time airlines has gone bankrupt (which is who I booked with) and they are refunding only those who had booked on credit cards… and I sadly paid with cash (waitressed and saved all my cash in between studying and writing exams) as soon as i found out i burst into tears!!! So now I am not able to go to the Cape Town show and have already sold my ticket to book a flight to JHB for Synergy… But now i just need YOUR help to get a ticket!!!

    So if i win a ticket I will be one of the happiest girls alive!!! It will be an awesome start to a looong December of working to pay for my Christmas presents!! So i look forward to hearing from you SOON

    • Ed

      Hi Sarah,

      Please forward me your contact details so that I can get in touch with you for the double ticket. Email me whyiamed@gmail.com


  • Ed

    The winner of the double ticket to Synergy is Sarah Williams. Thanks to everyone that commented and entered the competition. All is not lost if you have not won, follow the link to see more blogs that give away the tickets http://samusiczone.co.za/2012/11/samzone-podcast-32-stupid-people-big-gigs-stuff/

    Thanks for the support and keep your eyes peeled for more competitions right here.

  • daniela mulders

    I should get these tickets because i am such a big fan, that i would miss being the maid of honour at my best friends wedding to see prodigy live!!

  • Simon

    Synergy JY IS MY PA!