Even though my own “matriek vakansie” happened a few years ago, I still find myself attending one annually. The prospect of getting away from everything, and the promise of a mountain of booze to be conquered, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

The date for the trip was set for (very) early December. This is before most of the “just-graduated” kids made their way out to their respective holiday destinations. This was actually an ideal situation for me, because if I had to watch another group of zit-faced kids, try to figure out how to properly take a Sambuca shot, without burning their faces off, I might’ve… no, in truth that would’ve been funny as fuck… Anyway, all of us got to the resort relatively unharmed, and despite the swimming-pool-sized potholes, the cars made it there unscathed as well. We knew that there wouldn’t be too many people, but hell; the only people there were our group, and a total of about 6 other people. We thought that this utter lack of party people would be a bad thing… until we figured out that we had this huge place all to ourselves.

Thank you "Atlanta Holiday Resort", it was fun being in you.

Thank you “Atlanta Holiday Resort”, it was fun being in you.

Take advantage of the “Entertainment Crew” (if there is one)

There were about three or four guys calling themselves “The Entertainment Crew” that made it their mission to ensure that none of us ever had an empty glass, or more than a minute of boredom.

And for the most part, their mission was successful. Even though there were only about 10 people for them to keep “entertained”, they didn’t hold back one bit. And since the “crew” had the keys to all the places in the resort, we had exclusive rights to all the classic tools for making drinking fun… well, more fun. They even organised a few competitions; complete with prizes (free booze, which proved to be essential to those last two days when our alcohol started running a little low). The most memorable of these, would definitely be either the pool, or beer-pong competitions against our poor-fated “crew”. They were beaten in all the competitions, by either me or Derrick, (who will forever be known as BARRY, after that week) with a little aid from our other buds in our group. But I’ll be humble, and say: it was a nice try guys, and thanks for all the free drinks!

The triumphant Derrick "BARRY", holding the spoils of the pool competition.

The triumphant Derrick “BARRY”, holding the spoils of the pool competition.

Wake up early… yes, really

I know it kinda goes against the point of going on a vacation, but it can be advantageous to be the first to rise from the ashes. I had no choice but to wake up early on day two; I’m not too sure how it happened, but I woke up to the wonderful sensation of rain water going down my neck, and mosquito’s feasting on my booze soaked hands. Yes, I slept outside, under a fucking rainstorm… Being awake early in the morning after a day/night of heavy drinking was quite refreshing. I had the chance to piece together the events of the previous night, like trying to solve an alcohol-drenched puzzle. I started by inspecting the aftermath…


By the way; this was taken after some cleaning up…

And, an early walk around camp, with Jack Parow’s “Tussen Stasies” blaring in your ears, I have found to be an ideal way to get your shit together, for the inevitable ridicule you will be facing from the people who do remember the dumb shit you did the night before. Also, the scenery along the way isn’t bad at all.


Perfect view for sobering up with a cup of coffee

Do stupid stuff

Needless to say, the point of a vacation, is to do the crap you couldn’t normally do; even more so when there’s almost no one around to see you do it. And as always, everyone’s best friend, is more than happy to help you make bad decisions…

My best friend and I, have a "love/hate" relationship

My best friend and I, have a “love/hate” relationship

So; go play catch in a thunderstorm, drink consecutive shots consisting of; Jager, Olmecca Silver, Sambuca, PO10C, and then beer as a little chaser. Go skinny dipping at 3 am… although, make sure the guy who wants to clean the pool, isn’t sitting somewhere watching from the darkness (he was kinda nice to wait for us to get out, before trying to clean the pool, but getting out with him standing there watching us was suffice it to say, A BIT AWKWARD).

It doesn’t matter what you get up to on vacation, as long as you have your buds, a few beers and some good company, you’re gonna have a good time.