I am a couch potato, I am a couch potato, I am a couch potato. This is how I felt after the weekend’s cinematic adventures. I lent my eyeballs to a lot of movies – more than the average person, and I’m not ashamed of it… alright, maybe just a bit. This weekend, I got through two new films, and a few old and a new-ish ones. Here you can find my thoughts on each and every one of them:

Pacific Rim:

Missiles, giant robots, huge monsters, bridges to other dimensions and explosions! Explosions! One of the most anticipated movies in our world this year and it didn’t disappoint one bit. The effects were a thing of beauty, and the monsters destroying the city had me in tears of joy; that’s how good it was. The story-line is a bit predictable with the good guy that was good in the beginning, something happens where he loses everything, gets called up again to save the world, and then he becomes the good guy again. Yeah that! But did I mention there are giant monsters?


The Internship:

I had my doubts about this film; I was a bit scared that the Wilson + Vaugh magic would not be as evident as it was in Wedding Crashers, but yet again, I was proven wrong. The film is a gem to watch; it’s funny and provides us with a glimpse into the world of Google. The jokes weren’t forced on ala Scary Movie 5 – and that I liked. If you’re looking for some good laughs, then check out The Internship. There’s also a cameo from the man himself, Mr Will Ferrell.


The Rundown:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Sean William Scott star in this rather old movie about a jungle, Gato (I think that’s how you spell it) and a mine. If you were exhausted from the heat during the weekend, I’d hate to live in a jungle, or take a stroll though it like these guys. Yet again, quite a predictable story-line, but who gives a fuck. You have The Human Hulk and Stifler! A scene to look out for is the ‘I Want To Pee’ part, bound to give you a good chuckle.


Magic Mike:

The Sunday night movie that lasted 3 minutes on my screen. Avoid at all costs!
Picture of half naked men, nope!

Step Brothers:

The classic from Will Ferrell, two old guys still living with their parents move in together when their parents get hitched, and what follows is what makes this movie a must see. The jokes and one liners are endless, and are smile inducing. The scene to watch out for is definitely the short music video featuring Brendan and Dale performing ‘Boats and Ho’s’. But beware, if you want to impress the future in-laws I suggest not renting this as they will most likel… fuck it. Show it to them!


There you have it. Did you watch anything worthwhile or did you sit through Magic Mike with your lady to get a glimpse of man ass? Shame!