This is my recollection of what happened this past weekend. It may be interesting to some, or boring to others; but if you’re reading this, I assume that you are quite interested.

So here it goes. Friday afternoon, I met my old man and a few friends at an undisclosed bar, for a wind-down drink or three (this is our little Friday afternoon tradition). I hadn’t seen some of the mates since we got back from OppiKoppi, so there was a bit of catching up to do. After the drinks and a snack, I got on the road and stopped off at my crib to get some water on my body. I picked up another mate, my lady and her buddy. We headed out to the local watering hole to gulp down a few alcoholic refreshments.

The night went down, some ice got thrown into our “neighbors” glasses with funny consequences… how does a person get pissed off if you throw ice into their glass? It wasn’t pissed on or dragged through muck! But none the less, we got our asses in the car and I headed home for some lovin’ with my lady.

Saturday, and the sun was out early. No worries, put on the shades. Me and my guuurll got some grub; she had to finish some work, so I spent most of the day lazily trying to be useful, but ended up staring at a square box and shouting for a rugby team in blue that had no idea what to do with a ball.

Saturday night, birffday night, we’ll take it slow night… Yeah fucking right! We got in the party mood waiting for the Boks game – they did disappoint but no worries, we got drinks. I had Castle Milk Stout, why you ask? I don’t know. Maybe I have an alter ego German man in me named Grundel who likes to party? Shots got served the night, and I laughed at a friend who chose “Dagdronk” from Fokofpolisiekar a few times in a row on the Jukebox. We got some angry stares, but fuck ‘em! The night ended at the previous night’s watering hole, shit got talked, drinks were spilled, and friendships rekindled. We got home in the early hours of the morning, and we waited for the night to take its toll.

Sunday peeked out from the Magaliesberg Mountain and hit me square in the face. We got our bodies out of bed and got some delicious Chicken Schnitzels while we got through to some much needed BoxOffice love. We rented Texas Chainsaw; a bit of a remake on the original story with a twist, I enjoyed it, but the one thing I didn’t like was the fact that the camera shies away from the victims when Leatherface kills them. What’s the point of a rated movie, when the violence gets shunned? When the movie finished, I had my heart stopped for a second when I walked down the corridor, heard a sound and turned around to this picture…

Do not run with a chainsaw

Do not run with a chainsaw