This past Saturday I made my way to Hartebeespoort to watch local band We Killed Elvis which I heard about previously but never saw live. I heard a few of their tracks and liked their sound. The show was held at the Grandstand Theatre in Hartebeespoort, but sadly before the show, some of their equipment got stolen out of one of their vehicles. But they still managed to pull off one hectic show with borrowed pedals amongst others things, if I have to describe their sound; it has to be in the category of international metal bands.

If you want to know what to expect from their show, just think the following: Growling vocals, guitar jamming, fast drumming and four guys on stage keeping the masses entertained.

If you want a taste of what they sound like, give this music video a listen:


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I look forward to another show if their will be more in the future, keep it up guys!