It’s been 6 months since the capital has seen Jeremy Loops perform live and there’s no better way to celebrate the first month of Spring than with ‘Jeremy Loops In The Garden’ on Saturday, 8 September with We Are Charlie, Rubber Duc, December Streets and many more!

Kicking off the first-ever Sunburn & Wonder event, the beautiful Pretoria National Botanical Gardens will transform into a playground, as Loops and a host of other bands take to the stage for a spectacular live event the whole family will enjoy.

Jeremy Loops also announced he’ll be supporting Milky Chance on their tour of the United States and Canada, making it a big celebration as we see one of SA’s top musical exports play on home soil for ‘Jeremy Loops In The Garden’ on Saturday, September 8th!

With that said, we had a quick chat with Dylan from We Are Charlie:

Hi, Dylan! Thanks for your time. How excited are you about performing this weekend at the Botanical Gardens?

We are pretty stoked. As far as venues go, this is one we definitely wanted to tick off. Especially with our current set, which we enjoy playing a lot more so the excitement is high!

What can people expect from We Are Charlie at this weekend’s festival?

Some new songs and a bit of post-punk. We’ll definitely be bringing something different if we consider the other acts performing on the day. Hopefully, it plays out well.

Which of the artists are you keen on having a few beers with at the festival?

All of them if possible. Let’s see how big the tank is but we are excited to be playing with so many of our buddies. Keen to have The Ceramics making the 45-minute trip up.

What is your absolute favorite song to perform at a festival or a show?

At this point we try to keep the whole set fun and picking a single song is tough but we have some new ones that are still fresh to us so it would probably have to be one of those.

How do you guys prepare for a performance? Any pre-show jitters that need calming?

We used to sit around, stare at the floor and drink, but now we just make sure we’re all together for some bonding, 20 minutes before set up. Maybe give Rudolph a bit of shit and have a couple of laughs. Sometimes we do a bit of drinking if the occasion demands it.

How would you describe a We Are Charlie performance in one sentence?

WAC is crack.

Any last words for people on the fence for this jol?

Don’t feel like a fool. Just convince a good friend to get out of bed and come. You deserve it.

Cover photo by Lourens Smit