Who said the robots taking over would be a bad thing!?


Human bartenders are going to have to seriously step up, because this thing is awesome.

Monsieur has a touch-screen that brings a whole bunch of awesomeness, right to your fingertips. Have a theme for your night of indulgence? Tell Monsieur the theme, and it will tell you what ingredients you’ll be needing. After gathering up the ingredients for your drinks, just pour it all into the wonderful machine, and it will bring up a list of every possible concoction. After picking your drink, all you need to do is set how strong you’d like it to be, press the button, and within a few seconds you’ll be enjoying your boozy beverage.


But, what if you’re not sure which cocktail you’d like to assault your liver with tonight? Monsieur has you covered. Just tell the handy bar-bot which ingredients you like; what type of cocktail tickles your fancy and what sensation you’re after (like tropical), and it’ll come up with something as close to what you’re looking for as possible. It’s like a little mind reading box, that turns your desires into alcohol… Win!

Not sold yet? Well, how about this; it also comes with it’s own app. The app lets you take your preferences and use them on other Monsieur’s, ensuring you get exactly what you want from each machine. And possibly one of the coolest things about the app, is that it monitors your alcohol intake and estimates your blood alcohol level, it also shows you what the legal limit is wherever you are. And if you find yourself a little drunk, the app also suggests taxi services to get you safely back home. When running low on ingredients you may get an alert telling you to “get more booze!” we think that’s pretty epic.


If we didn’t love robots enough already, we definitely do now. Attention to all our friends and family; don’t know what to get us for Xmas? Consider that problem solved!