Welcome to Wake, an original student sci-fi short film produced by Opposition Films and Fuisteen Films.

Take a time-out from work; sit back, relax and have a sip of that coffee, and watch this short film. You won’t be disappointed. We love short films, and we love it even more when they’re from South Africa. Go Local!

Here’s the synopsis from Wake:

After suffering a head injury at work, Chris begins having enigmatic nightmares. Haunted by a door in the dreams which he can never reach, his pregnant girlfriend Anne seems unbothered by his nocturnal torments. His suspicions and confusion is heightened when he meets Edward, the town conspiracy nut who swears Chris and Anne’s life is not all it appears to be.

Stephan van Huyssteen
Elri Nell
Hein Kotze
Spiwo Refalotse Moleoa
Karabo Nkuna
Featuring – Ilana Moolman

Directed By
Hencas van Huyssteen

Written By
Hencas van Huyssteen

Screenplay By
Hencas van Huyssteen

Produced By
Suzanne van Jaarsveldt

TUT Fildra awards for:
-Best Editing
-Best Directing
-Best Cinematography
-Best Producing
-Best Scriptwriting
-Best Production
-Film of the year