Forgiantica Leather is an Esty user who creates leather items, but not just any old leather items; legit Bag End bags (The Hobbit) and Warcraft bags based on the heraldry of the Alliance and the Horde. Geeks are going to go bananas for these items. What’s more heroic than strutting into an online “battle” with a Bag End on the one arm, and the Warcraft bag around the shoulders! P.I.M.P.

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Not only does the bag recreate all the textures of the door in stellar detail – front and back – it’ goes the extra mile with the sigil Gandalf carves into Bilbo’s door for the Dwarves to recognize when they show up. The marking is actually etched into the texture of the leather itself, and then painted with a UV light paint, creating a glowing effect when you shine a UV light over it!

The bags can be purchased for 110 dolllaaa right here:

And they have other leathery goodies as well! So check it out!