Wandile Mbambeni’s new EP entitled Maturation – a beautiful release identifiable by Wandile’s raw talent and beautiful voice, following the first single from the EP entitled Lovers Like You.

Wandile’s story-telling of the songs he writes creates a deep listening atmosphere. With a unique stage presence, Wandile has the ability to make you feel like something special is happening through his music. He has already shared a stage with the likes of Matthew Mole, Michael Lowman, Howie Combrink, Shortstraw, Prime Circle, Tailor, Majozi, Red Tape Riot, Veranda Panda, Watershed, Al Bairre, Karen Zoid and Francois Van Coke just to name a few.

For Maturation, he kept a lot of his renowned raw sound, complemented by meaningful musical melodies at all times. He first wrote the music for the EP on software, then wrote the lyrics and afterward recorded it with a full band to replace the virtual sounds with an organic, authentic sound.

With that said, we had a quick chat with Wandile about the new EP and more. Check it out below:

Hi there. Much appreciated for taking the time to chat. You released your new EP last month, how are you feeling about it?

Thank You, it is a pleasure. I’m feeling great about, happy it is out to the world to hear.

We’re stoked for you. What makes Maturation different in the South African music scene?

I don’t know, the fact that it is mine and nobody has released “Wandile’s” sound.

Haha. Thanks. How did your musical journey start?

It all started when I borrowed a guitar from a friend and started teaching myself, my Aunt then bought me my first guitar which is still the guitar responsible for all my music.

Who has been your greatest influence in your life?

Family & Friends, I can’t pin it down to one person. A child is raised by a community not just by his/her parents.

True. What would you say is the hardest thing about being a musician in South Africa?

It’s controlling what people are celebrating via music, hard to stand out not doing what the whole of Radio/Listeners are celebrating.

Where can people find you next?

* 6th July The Plat4orm Johannesburg,
* 27th July – Secret Gig Johannesburg (details out closer to the time)
* 3 – 6 December Treadfest Festival (Drakensberg)

Last question, how can people get hold of you?

Facebook : Wandile Mbambeni Music ZA
Twitter : @WandileMusic
Instagram : @WandileMbambeniMusicZA

Photos by Marlon du Plooy