Why haven’t we heard of The Walking Dead Monopoly game until now? And with the new season of The Walking Dead approaching, it seems fitting we share this post with you.

Since we all know how the core game plays, there is no need to go over it and explain what everything is for, and if you don’t know how the game works; your childhood sucked!

The rules themselves are different in no way, shape, or form, it’s basically Monopoly… but infused with The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Board Game
The locations are vastly different, people will go crazy buying into Rick’s neighbourhood, Woodbury, and Hershel’s farm. This really  makes the aspect of buying and selling property much more meaningful… and fun!

The pieces (No car or the funny top hat here) themselves are all pretty good picks, including Rick’s Hat, Michonne’s Katana, Dale’s RV, a baseball bat with barb wire, the ominous telephone, and a bucket full of zombie parts. The pieces are great and a dark grey, so you’ll probably get lost in the game, and probably loose your pieces as well on the board.

The Walking Dead Game

Yes! We want this board game! Really Really Badly!