To celebrate the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, Fox Network has teamed up with two London chefs to create a burger that tastes like human flesh. It’s not actually made out of human flesh, but it still sounds like a cannibal’s wet-dream.

The two chefs creating this burger are Miss Cakehead and James Tomlinson from Mess London. So how do you create a human meat burger without actually tasting human meat? They did their research and looked at actual statements from infamous cannibals such as Issei Sagawa and William Seabrook.

We included an infographic which lets you know what eating people is meant to taste like. The final burger includes a mix of pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow, and it will be made available to East London (England… not the South African one) residents for free on September 30th at a pop-up restaurant called the Terminus Tavern which will appear at a secret location.


If you’re crazy enough to want to try it or if you yearn for meat like Hannibal Lecter, you’ll have to check the #TerminusTavern hashtag on Twitter to find out where the Tavern will be set up.

And if you’re in South Africa (like us), follow the hashtag for meaty fun.