Wake to Wonder released their brand new music video “Built for Better Days” a few minutes ago on the interwebs. It’s a fokken lekker song, and a kief music video. Jy moet dit kyk om die awesome-ness te begryp in die oulike kiekie! They’ve been promoting the shit out of the music video on their Facebook page for the past couple of days/weeks/months. It’s okay, because it builds up the hype, and kept our attention… we tend to forget about things… A LOT!

Adam and the boys really put a lot of effort in this, and we are making a promise right here, right now; to see them live at Wolmer Fest 2! We want some “Partycore / Commercial hard rock / Progressive Rock/ VaalCore/ Acro-bati-core” in our ears and eyes! 🙂

Here’s the music video – enjoy it! We sure did!