The first teaser trailer for the Tom Hardy-starring Venom, released earlier this month, certainly didn’t do much to increase or even maintain fan interest in the film. Not only did Venom not actually appear in the teaser, but it just plain wasn’t a very exciting first look at the movie; we can only hope this will be remedied with future trailers.

For now, a fan cut together a pretty awesome one on his own. Yes, a fan cut trailer… not a new trailer. Sorry for getting your hopes up. Jammer hoor.

Using clips from several unrelated movies, including last year’s Life (hey wait, wasn’t that a Venom prequel?!), The Cloverfield Paradox, Alien: Covenant, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Spider-Man: Homecoming, YouTube’s BillyCrammer cut together a way more compelling vision for Venom than what we officially got this month.

THIS is a movie we want to see!

Venom hits theaters on Oct. 5, 2018, through Columbia Pictures.

Written by David Michelinie and drawn by Mark Bagley, as well as Ron Lim and Sam Delarosa, the movie is inspired by “Venom: Lethal Protector”, a six-episode limited series that notably reinvented Venom from a Spider-Man villain to a Marvel Comics anti-hero.

In it, Venom moves from New York City to San Francisco after coming to an agreement with his former foe Spider-Man. (IGN)

As for “Planet of the Symbiotes”, another inspiration, Eddie Brock’s relationship is with his symbiote and the influence it has on him is explored. Also written by Michelinie, “Planet of the Symbiotes” follows Venom fighting an army of symbiotes with the help of Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider.

Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, and Jenny Slate also star.