The Suspense, Thrill, and Exhilaration of the Van Coke Kartel Roller Coaster

If you are a die-hard Van Coke Kartel fan like I am, you have probably been on the Van Coke wild ride for quite some time, seeing that they have been around for the past 10 odd years. I, for one, climbed onto the bandwagon when I was merely thirteen years old… And boy, what a ride it has been!

Imagine yourself stepping into the venue moments before Van Coke Kartel plays their final show. The whole room will be buzzing with excitement from your fellow fans and friends, as they talk about their previous experiences they witnessed with this iconic band, and how mind-blowing this is going to be… The type of suspense that almost gives you an adrenaline rush, just before the ride starts, is what hits me the most. You’ll get goosebumps all over your body while your neck hair peaks with anxiousness.

As Van Coke Kartel comes on stage, the ride slowly starts to take off and you can feel the overwhelming (but ecstatic) vibe from the crowd. The brave and the drunk, usually my type of friends, will start to cheer like mad at this very point.

Image by Fred van Leeuwen

Your mind will go into a state of hypnosis when Van Coke Kartel starts to play, and you will think to yourself “this is going to be kakhard!”

Bracing yourself for the next hour of moshing and jumping around, you feel your body being pushed, and you start to push your fellow “passengers” back. Soon enough the whole crowd joins in on the Afrikaans-punk-rock-ek-gee-nie-‘n-fok-om motion, and the room becomes one big roller coaster with passengers yelling “maar ek sal dans as ek dronk genoeg is!”

The ear-piercing screams of the devotees in front and behind you will boost your adrenaline, and make your head rush. It’ll be a feeling of awe and utter delight. Van Coke Kartel; hard en onbeskof!

While trying to stay on your feet with the twists and turns of the mosh pit, you will get a nostalgic feeling in your throat when reminiscing about the good ol’ days when Van Coke Kartel’s music videos were still on MK. The moment will quickly pass, just like the scenery around you flashes by while being on a fantastic ride.

Eventually, the ride will come to a stop, and the past hour will feel like it was only a second of joy. Your brain will try to adjust in your head to calm your heart, but you will still feel the adrenaline flowing fast through your veins. And even though you may feel bruised from the moshed dips and dives, you might feel like doing it again and again, because the jol is worth it… Van Coke Kartel is worth it.

Knowing now that this will be my final round on the Van Coke Kartel Roller Coaster, I am putting in all my efforts to say my last goodbye to my old friend and beloved wild ride, even if it means that I will miss my first day of class of this coming semester. Van Coke… I’ll see you in Potch!

– Header image by Jaco S. Venter