It is almost time for the annual Jägermeister presents Up the Creek (7 – 10 February 2019), one of the most fabulous festivals for music lovers in the Western Cape. Expect a cocktail of superb live acts, all day activities and wacky antics at the various stage, including the fantastical riverside setting. Grab your bling bikini, funky lilo and party buddies and head on over to the Breede River– your ultimate music getaway weekend awaits!

Here is the complete 2019 line-up, including some of the hottest current bands and DJ`s in SA:

Bands/artists: Koos Kombuis, The Black Cat Bones, Femi Kaya, Grassy Spark, Piet Botha, Hellcats, Gerald Clark and the boys from Prague, Stoker, Jackal and the Wind, Crosscurrent, Lo-Ghost, Stone Jets, BRYNN, Bam Bam Brown, Zengeance, Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives, The Steezies, Diamond Thug, Money for Bali, Hot Water, Sean Koch, Southern Gypsey Queen, Pedro and the SOULdiers, Warongx, Coelacanth, Bed on Bricks, Willim Welsyn, 4AM, Akkedis, SunXA, Luca Hart, Wisdom of Movement, Nhoza, DocMaclean, Josh Kempen and comedians Francois van As and Alfred Adrian.

Live electronic: Nick Hamman, DJ inviZAble, Jak Skandi, Supa Who, The Robfather.

An exciting change for the 2019 festival will be the addition of a late-night rock `n roll stage. Operating from the Gordon’s Gin Food Court stage, this rocking space will come alive Friday and Saturday after the Jägermeister Main Stage finishes and will offer live music enthusiasts something great to dig in to if they don’t fancy what’s happening on the Savanna Late Night Stage. This stage will be graced by some supercool rock acts and collaborative mystery bands led by stalwarts in the industry: think Andre Kriel, Gareth Wilson, Jaco Mans and Greg Georgiades to give you an idea of why this is going to be one of those ‘dude-don’t-miss-out’ party spots at the festival. This stage will then be closed on Friday by The Robfather, and Saturday by Up the Creek`s very own, infamous DJ Dirtroad. Considering requests and feedback, The Food Court will now also have a fully operational bar open all day and night.

Tickets are still capped at 2 500, so book your spot as soon as possible to make sure you get your tickets:

Full weekend tickets – R1 120.00

Friday to Sunday tickets – R970.00 SOLD OUT

Ticket & Transport package – R1 800.00

Cashless system: Once you’ve purchased your festival ticket, stay on the Howler ticketing website to set up and preload your festival money onto your Howler account, collect your loaded wristband at the festival and you’re ready to go! There will also be Howler stations for top ups at the festival. Load with cash or your debit card. Any questions feel free to get in touch with them directly.

With that said, we had a chat with Kieron Brown from Bam Bam Brown:

What were the highlights for you in 2018?

2018 was a pretty big year for us. We played all over Southern Africa (including Swaziland, Mozambique, and Lesotho), sold out the Aquarium and had our first single debut on 5fm. I’m very grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given this last year.

What was your experience of Up the Creek when you first played at the festival?

I played my first Creek back in 2012 with my baby boomer band Saintfearless. I remember wild weekend including headbanging with a chicken, severe sunburn and a lot of these infamous Titanic cocktails.

What can fans expect from your 2019 set at Up the Creek?

We love bringing our other muso friends onto the stage for a colab or two. We also might play with our extended super band that we used at our Aquarium show.

How does your songwriting process work?

Spontaneously and without warning usually. My song ideas usually attack in full composition – drums, vocals, hooks – everything. It’s a bit of a mad scramble in my head to save and store these ideas and sometimes I get lucky!

Sum yourself up in 3 words:

Bam. Has.Issues.

What is the most entertaining thing that has ever happened to you on tour?

We recently did a national tour where our session drummer had to play these makeshift drum kits, standing up on the first two nights. We actually made it work and might use it as a more permanent fixture at some shows.

What is the worst thing that ever happened to you on tour?

We had a pretty serious car accident on the way to our Oppikoppi debut in 2018, A minibus blindsided us and our bakkie went rolling off the highway and into the scrapyard. Not a scratch on my head though and everyone and our gear was fine. Needless to say, it was one of the best sets of our lives.

Name some essential items that you will be taking to Up the Creek.

Sunblock. Sunglasses. Well Done Sun’s lead singer. A lot of things involving solar things.

Can you write a short limerick/rhyme for Up the Creek?

That Dam Bam

And his wily clan

Took turns celebrating the week

And with a reckless abandon, a bottle of Chandon

Left a trail on the banks of the Creek

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

We are going to play our most memorable shows this year – and we cannot wait to share our debut EP with the rest of the music world.