Another naked scandal in the world of Facebook, and this time it’s the University of Warwick’s rowing team at the wrong end of the stick.

Is it such a big deal? Go and watch any movie with a PG rating, you’re bound to see more flesh than any calendar (We’re not talking about dirty magazine calendars, and by the way, who the hell would hang a calendar with naked women in his house!?). People can be so fickle sometimes when it comes to exposed human skin (The awesome invention we were born in), and can really flip their lids if they don’t get their way. It’s the year 2014, not 1914 – times change! We can assure you that it’s better to ‘go with the flow’ than refusing change.

Here’s the calendar? Ban-worthy? If you agree on the ban, well, let’s get out the pitchforks and assemble the mob!

University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-9 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-10 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-1 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-2 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-3 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-4 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-5 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-6 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-7 University-of-Warwick-Rowing-Calendar-8