Here is a thought. Take a person, not anyone in particular and take another person. Known to each other but unknown to each other it is obvious but it doesn’t make sense at all. Insert a label here for more effect, liar, biased, unemotional..cheater till death do us apart. Is it worth it? If so explain, if not enlighten me, proof me wrong or right. Misinterpret and guide till a point that the hot air balloon swells up resulting in a pop, can’t see it. It was there the whole time, if you didnt, open your fucking eyes. Not rude but realistic in a sense that can only be described as a dreamers world,  a world lost to the faded memories that time has taken away.  Still confused as to what exactly is happening here, a magician never reveals his secrets but should a inidividual.  Back to the point of this sucess story, or a story rather of fluctuating emotions floating around in such a motion undetected and ignorant making it a sucess. Unfamiliar, unrecognized and distrought we don’t always see things hidden in plain sight, there for the taking but not taking the risk. Battling day in and out for a reason as to why living parrallel is the best. Time is not of the essance, time is what is needed till the sun sets over battlefields where you need to save us from ourselves.           image