Park Acoustics & Pringles proudly presents the final Parks of 2018 with Tweak, Desmond & The Tutus and many more!

They are fokken amped to host Tweak for a once off show at Park Acoustics with legendary Pretoria indie band Desmond & The Tutus, fresh from the European festival circuit BCUC, SA reggae legends Tidal Waves, Italian stallion Josh Kempen and then back from hiatus and closing off the day… The Wedding DJs!

With that said, I had a lekker chat with Garth ahead of their performance at Park Acoustics…

First off, this is a huge deal for me, because one of the first CD’s I owned as an eight-year-old, along with Chocolate Starfish and The Hotdog Flavored Water, was The Romantic Lure of Possum Worship. Does it feel strange still playing, albeit sporadically, to packed crowds, 17 years after that debut album was released?

Well, those two are widely regarded as the greatest rock albums of all time so pat yourself on the back for having amazing taste in music! Yah, it feels very strange playing those jams, but it’s equally a FAT JOL! I am now about twice the age I was when those songs were recorded so it’s like this amazing time machine that transports me to an amazing time in my life when I was a carefree teenager. It’s mad but in all the right ways!

You guys put a stop to things with Tweak in 2006 to focus on other projects, mainly Crash Car Burn for Garth and Bugsy. What brought upon the inspiration for the reunion tour in 2015?

Actually, it was circa 2004 when we threw in the Tweak towel and headed overseas. So in 2015, we were like, ‘hey it’s been 11 years since our last tweak show! We missed our ten-year reunion opportunity!’. We toyed with the idea of an 11-year reunion…but it doesn’t quite have the same ring. So we put together a 10-year reunion…1 year late. It’s all very clever.

Since the reunion tour in 2015, Ricki Alleman has filled in for/replaced ex-guitarist Mike Scott for the live performances. How did this come about?

Ricki is a long time friend of the band, we’ve known him for years and he actually auditioned for CrashCarBurn yonks ago when we were looking for a lead guitarist but the timing wasn’t right. When the reunion came up and we had to fill the gap, there was never any doubt Rickster was our man! He’s a hilarious individual and a great performer, we are very lucky to have him on the A-Team!

You guys reached the peak that the South African alternative scene had to offer in your original tenure, even venturing into international waters a few times. What has been the highlight of Tweak thus far?

Shoh, dude we talking over a decade ago… I have to be honest and say the Tweak days are now a bit of a blur. A few things do stick out though…filling up carnival city, Supporting Avril Lavigne and Whoetus, Hearing our songs for the radio for the first time. But all things considered, coming back after over ten years and playing packed shows like we never left was so unbelievably cool for us. To know that we had that kind of impact on so many people just wants to make us explode with pride!

At the end of 2017, you finished up The Acockalypse Tour, also stating that it could quite possibly be the last Tweak shows ever. Was the allure of performing at Park Acoustics just too much, or can Tweak just never be completely done for?

I was literally thinking about this yesterday. Every Tweak shos that happens could well be our last. We have no plans to do anything else with Tweak in the future and it gets harder and harder to get the guys together to play shows. So there is something very special about playing a show with the knowledge that it could be the last time ever you share those songs with your bandmates and an audience.

Also during the promotion for The Acockalypse Tour, you dropped ‘THE BEST DAMN TRACK THAT WAS EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF POP-PUNK EVER!!!’, Bruce Lee. Has there been any discussion about more new music or was this a one-off banger?

Again, we have no plans for anything. But you just never know. At the moment ‘Bruce Lee’ is indeed ‘THE BEST DAMN TRACK THAT WAS EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF POP-PUNK EVER!!!” but there is nothing to say that I can’t wake up in the middle of the night tomorrow… sweating profusely because I have an idea for AN EVEN GREATER TRACK. If that happened, it would be my responsibility to the world at large to bring that track to fruition. Highly unlikely. But not impossible. but highly unlikely.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about playing at Park Acoustics for the first time as Tweak?

We’ve never played Park acoustics before….in Tweak of any other band. So ja, this is a first for us and damn we’re excited! This is the only Tweak show for 2018 and quite possibly our last ever…I’m excited to share that with an audience. Best believe we are bringing a fucking fiasco.

We would like to thank Garth for his time. Be sure to get your hands on tickets to the last Park Acoustics for 2018 today!