Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Jeremy Loops and Friends!

Seeing as Park Acoustics sold out this month, they have decided to move the event to the lower area at the Voortrekker Monument to make it bigger and better and to enable more fans to not miss out on the fantastic line-up this month! More tickets are on sale now!

After touring the world and sharing the stage with the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pixies, Editors, The Roots and many more… Jeremy’s back with a new single, Waves, and a brand new album following in Early 2018! We’re extremely excited to welcome him back to the Park Acoustics stage for the first time since 2014, this will also be his first performance in Pretoria since May 2016. Supporting him is TRESOR (French for “treasure” and pronounced “Trezor”). TRESOR is a multi-award winning and platinum-selling 2015 breakout singer-songwriter & producer signed to the legendary record label Sony RCA in Africa and Ultra Records globally (Ultra Records is home to Avicii, Calvin Harris, Deadmaus just to name a few).

With that said, we had a quick chat with the man himself, Tresor.


Photo by Andile Buka

Hi there. Thanks for chatting with us again. What can people expect from Tresor at Park Acoustics?

I am really excited to be performing at Park Acoustics. I am bringing my full band and excited to share the music with my people in Pretoria. I haven’t performed in Pretoria since 2013, it’s gonna be a blissful nostalgic reunion. Let’s have the maddest party!

Park Acoustics has an insane line-up for the fans, which of the other artists are you keen on having a chat with?

I am looking forward to hanging and chatting to Jeremy Loops as I love the work he is doing overseas and also can’t wait to check some upcoming acts. I love discovering new music.

Out of all the songs in your set, which is your favorite to perform for a crowd?

That’s a really hard one. I enjoy performing all my songs… from Remedy, Never Let Me Go, Speed of Sound, Zambezi to Wonder… they all bring different vibrations.

You’ve been performing all over the past couple of years. Which shows stand out for you?

Yes, I’ve had incredible shows and I’d say Battiti Live in Italy, Liverpool International Music Festival, 2017 Cape Town Jazz, 2017 Vic Falls Carnival.

When it comes to writing, playing and performing music, what drives you the most?

I am driven by my love for music and leaving a global mark with African music. I am really passionate about songwriting as it changed my life in so many ways… Nothing can stop great songs! and when you perform them live to your fans, it’s priceless.

How do you know you “made it” when it comes to being an artist? Or is it a continuous journey?

I can’t get comfortable. It’s a continuous journey and there’s still a long road to be traveled; however, I am extremely grateful for the journey thus far.

After Park Acoustics, what is next for Tresor?

I am in studio creating more music. Will be traveling the world to make more music and the aim is to revive the glory days of Africa Pop music.