The pilot episode of Awesomeness TV’s new series “My Dead Ex” is premiering at SXSW this weekend, ahead of its arrival on streaming service go90 and Tumblr on March 20.

In the 8-episode series, Gooosebumps star Ryan Lee plays Ben, the re-animated corpse of a high school romantic who refuses to take “no” for an answer on his quest for love.

Check out the trailer below.

“My Dead Ex is your classic, will-they-won’t-they romance story. Charley is living your typical teenage girl’s life. Ben, Charley’s not so secret admirer, isn’t living at all. But a little thing like death can’t stop these two teens from falling in love. Or maybe it can.”

Katherine Hughes, Medalion Rahimi, Ryan Malaty and Alexa Losey also star.